I hate my study program

Posted 24.03.2017 @ 20:08

So... it has come to my attention that my blog went on a two-year long hiatus. My last, very philosophical and reflective post gained quite a lot of attention in the local media, which was fun. It's especially fun to look back at what I wrote just 'cause the immaturity and navet of a younger me shines through, like my friend's bald head shines in the sun... (Sorry for the weak analogy. I haven't written in a while. Working on it). I still agree with myself on a few points, though. Since my last post, I've graduated high school in Norway, lived for another six months in Brazil, visited my parents in Los Angeles, worked full-time at the Oslo airport, dyed my hair blue and moved to Amsterdam. Yeah.

Around this time last year, I found out about a seemingly interesting bachelor's program at the University of Amsterdam. Consisting of four different majors, it seemed to fit with all my interests. After having been enrolled for about seven months, I've realized that it was a match made in hell. The program I'm in is an intensive one, costing twice as much as the regular programs at my uni, and is meant for some of the world's most dedicated students. Well... I'm a lousy student with terrible priorities and non-existent time management skills. I don't think I have actually studied for something since 2012. In my last post I wrote something along the lines of how I wanted to live independent of any system telling me what to do. I'm obviously living out my dream now; enrolled in this very elitist bachelor's program spending my time perfecting my downward facing dog pose/watching Narcos, instead of trying to fathom Descartes' mode of reasoning. My next exam is on Tuesday. I'm blank. But hey − at least I'm not letting anyone tell me what to do!

But fear not, my dear reader. Although this semester may be a disaster, I think I've found my purpose. Aside from doing heaps of hot yoga and watching nearly everything there is to watch on Netflix, I've come to discover that my forte is in the humanities. I'm not sure how many of you have followed me since the beginning of my blog journey, when I moved to the U.S. in 2011, but my one interest with academic potential that has recurred in everything I've done since then, is the one involving languages and culture. It is the one area of interest that I will study voluntarily, for hours on end, without even having any work on it assigned. If I ever want to get a degree at all, it seems like chasing my true passions is my only hope. And that's what I'll do.

Consider this a sort of foreshadowing, blog-wise. I may or may not return to write about... whatever. 



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