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As a Norwegian, I'm very privileged. The fact that I get to be a student abroad, without any economical challenges*, only proves this further. In Norway, we don't pay to go to college. It's state funded. "College savings"... like, what's that? It's not a thing. But sadly, in the rest of the world, education is crazy expensive. So when a Norwegian wants to go abroad to do their entire degree, you'd think it'd be probl?matic. Well, we have this great state funded thing called Lnekassen which roughly translates to The Loan Box. The Loan Box hands out loans and grants twice a year to Norwegians who'd like to study abroad so that we can continue on living the same comfortable Norwegian lifestyle anywhere in the world. 

*It's still a challenge to me.

It's challenging because I live up to the stereotype as a spoiled Norwegian brat and have no experience in budgeting. Yeah, I said it. The B-word. For the first time in my life, I've become aware of the fact that sadly, money does actually not grow on trees... but don't get me wrong. I've been working and earning in my own dough since I was fifteen. Thanks to the amazing Norwegian hourly wages though, I never really had to struggle very long with saving up for the things I wanted. And worrying about money? Not in my DNA. As such, with some help from The Loan Box, I lived as a queen during my first couple of months in Amsterdam. One bottle of Patron here, a hundred euros worth of clothing there... Surprisingly, it adds up! Who would've thought? 

So, as of today, because I've spent all my money on liquor and lingerie, I'm on a  p-r-e-t-t-y  tight budget. So tight, in fact, that I realized I actually have to plan my meals ahead, instead of making use of foodora on a weekly basis. Crazy, right?! Serendipitously, this lead me to creating the tastiest homemade veggie burgers I've ever had. All of the ingredients I used is stuff that's either been in my pantry forever, or are basic staple items I always get at the supermarket anyway, because it had to be CHEAP. I posted a pic of the whole burger-making process on snapchat and I swear to God, I don't think I've ever gotten such a huge amount of responses on my snap story before. Obviously, this awesome recipe has to be shared with the public. Keeping it a secret would be treachery. So, without further ado... 

Epic Budget Bean Burgers (makes about 7 pattys)
1 can of beans (I used kidney beans)
1 serving "No-egg" natural egg replacer / Chia/flaxseed method (A regular egg could work too, but you know... the environment and stuff)
1 cup flour 
Soy sauce
Chili, cumin and garlic powder
Walnut crumbles 

1. Mash the beans into an even texture / put it in a blender or food processor if you're that fancy 
2. Add everything else
3. Cover your skillet in oil, heat it up
4. Dance sensually to the Narcos theme song
5. Fry the burger pattys on medium heat until they're crispy on the outside, then lower the heat and let the pattys cook all the way through as you...
6. ...prepare the non-burger burger stuff! Toast some whole-wheat bread, spread on dijon mustard, add burger patties, onions, pickles, tomatoes, spinach and curry ketchup. Whatever you like. Yum.

And there you have it! To up the fancyness and make it look prettier, one could use actual burger buns. As soon as I get out of this disgusting cave they call student housing and move into a place with an actual oven, I'll attempt to make some buns from scratch. Until then, regular bread will have to do. Delicious, nonetheless.


31.03.2017 kl.16:54

Det s veldig godt ut :)

31.03.2017 kl.18:18

h vad gott det ser ut, mste prova!

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